Fastening Technology

Metric screws

flat round-head screws, threaded rods, clamping levers, lens screws, ring screws,

hexagon head screws, countersunk screws, cylinder screws


Spacer sleeve, drive-in nut, wing nut, sash screw, sleeve nut,

rampa sleeve, ring nut, hexagon cap nut, hexagonal nut, hexagonal nut


rechargeable-blind rivet tool, blind rivet, blind rivet nut, blind rivet hand tool,

blind rivet nut hand tool, riveting pliers accessories


serrated lock washers, spring rings, car body washers, washers


distance sleeves, spring clips, screw hooks, protective caps, split pins, collars, plugs, decorative caps

Windows & Roof

pigeon sting, glazing blocks

Building sealing

tarpaulin, covering fleece, all-purpose tarpaulin, construction sheeting, bitumen sheeting, vapour barrier membrane, vapour barrier membrane, vapour barrier membrane, ridge and burr roller, fabric tarpaulin, nail sealing tape, underlayment membranes, wall and chimney connection profiles

Wood connection

cover sleeve, joist shoes, joist girder, construction wave band, concrete anchor, concrete angle bracket, dowel, dowel, geka dowel, lever, leverage, cleat, perforated plates, angle holes, post girders, panicle bands, rafter purlin anchor, rafter pull, dowel bars, support feet, wall connectors, angle connectors, tie rods

Roof ventilation

ridge end discs, protective grilles, ventilation profiles

Nails & Clamps

anchor nails, coil nails, roofing paper nails, hammer tackers, hand tacking pistol, tacking hammer, staples, nailers, round head stripe nails, heading nails


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