Building Chemistry


expansion joint acrylic, joint acrylic, joint acryl, parquet acrylic, polyacrylic, structural acrylic


building sealant, building and window building silicone, roofing silicone, glass building silicone, natural stone silicone, neutral silicone, sanitary silicone, silicon sealant, mirror adhesive, drinking water silicone


aqua-tight, waterproof adhesive, foil adhesive, structural sealant, structural adhesive, assembly adhesive


flash foam, insulating adhesive, filling and assembly foam, cartridge foam, assembly foam, multi-cleaner, pistol foam, winter foam


flash stopper, concrete contact, joint filler, smoothing agent concentrate, primer, primer, cleaner, silicone remover

hand tools

squeezing piston, grout cutter, joint cutter, rubber spatula, cartridge pistols and presses, cartridge cutter, contour-fixer


nozzles for cartridges, round profile, closing flap

sealing tapes

Foil tapes, joint sealing tapes, multifunctional tapes, tape inserts

adhesive tapes

aluminium tapes, double-sided mirror adhesive tapes, foil tapes, foil adhesive tapes, foil adhesive tapes, fabric tapes, glass protection film, rubber sealant, hand dispenser classic, insulation tapes, adhesive tapes, adhesive tapes with foil strips, crepe adhesive tapes, assembly adhesive tapes, foam sealing tapes, stone tapes, cleaning tapes, pvc adhesive tapes, universal adhesive tapes


all-purpose adhesives, component adhesives, contact adhesives, power adhesives, glues and accessories, assembly adhesives, instant adhesives, putty, special adhesives

technical resources

sealants, lubricants, lubricants, oils, detergents, lubricants, technical sprays, thinners


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