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Efficient and powerful – for over 148 years!

The Zweygart specialist trade group GmbH & Co. KG is a wholesaler and retailer of tools and fittings, with an extensive range of hand, electrical and precision tools, welding technology, work protection and work clothing, fastening technology, construction chemistry, factory equipment as well as construction and furniture fittings. In these areas we offer our customers our own brand as well as other high-quality brand products. The company is currently based in Gärtringen (near Stuttgart) and employs around 300 people, including 20 trainees in a wide variety of company divisions.

Our field service is represented for you with a team of more than 100 specialized salesmen locally and particularly strongly in the regions Baden Württemberg, Saarland, Bavaria, Nordrhein Westfalen and Hessen. We would also be pleased to welcome you personally in one of our 10 locations.

In addition to our extensive range, we can offer you numerous services. The repair and spare parts service, a key or sharpening service, the finishing of your textiles, or services such as fall protection and ladder testing. As a commercial customer, you can also benefit from our customer card or our newsletter. Thanks to our individual services, a wide range of products and extensive specialist knowledge, we can advise both the one-man craft business and the globally operating industrial company in a target-oriented manner and cover the required demand.

In addition, we are your competent consultant in the field of locking systems and locking technology. Here we offer you complete property consulting and support for locking systems and electronic locking systems, tailored and coordinated to the required organisational concept. Convince yourself of our expertise!

With our extensive online shop www.zw24.de, we round off our services for our customers. Here we are there for you 24 hours a day! In addition, we can offer you e-procurement solutions for special requirements in the online area, such as cost center and budget management or approval procedures. Visit us on our YouTube channel and discover interesting videos.

We look forward to getting to know you!


Richard Zweygart founds a colonial goods trading company, located in Böblingen, Poststraße 51. His sons Richard, Walter, and Emil support him
1919Walter Zweygart takes over the company
1928Outsourcing of the food sector
1943A bomb attack destroys the company.Death of Walter Zweygart
1945His sons Helmut and Manfred Zweygart take over the company
1949Reconstruction and move into the new company building 
1964Enlargement of store in Böblingen
1985Wolfgang Zweygart joins the company
1986Frank Zweygart joins the company
1987Relocation of the company into the industrial area of Böblingen.Construction of new steel hall in Ehningen
1993Acquisition of the company Stehle (= specialized retail store Tübingen)
1995Opening of specialized retail store in Hechingen
1996Acquisition of the company EWH (= specialized retail store Nürtingen). Relocation of our warehouse and of our administration group into the current logistics center in Ehningen
1997Acquisition of the company Scharr Schweißtechnik. Move into new specialized retail store in Ehningen
2001Move into new headquarters in Gärtringen
2002Opening of the ZHG company (= specialized retail store Merzig). Acquisition of the tool division of the Bucher company (= specialized retail store Rottweil)
2003Acquisition of the companies Nonnenmacher and Mehl (= specialized retail store Ulm)
2005Takeover of the companies Unibautechnik Horb and Schwaderer.
2007Sale of the steel division located in Ehningen.Quality Management System ISO 9001 is successfully implemented (DEKRA)
2008Acquisition of the company Hofer (= specialized retail store Achern)
2009Integration of company Heller + Köster, located in Olpe
2011Certification of Quality Management System ISO 9001 (TÜV)The holding company Augusta with its only CEO Aloysius Staub enables an acquisition (100 %) of the Zweygart Fachhandelsgruppe.The companies Wege and Kreutz, located in Bonn, and BWG in Hanau are integrated into the group
2012Enlargement of management. The former designated authorized signator Jörg Glaus and Marc-Daniel Schraag are appointed as general managers
2013Opening of stores in Petersberg (= specialized retail stores Fulda and Düren)
2014Relocation of store in Tübingen (= specialized retail store Tübingen). Certification of Quality Management System ISO 9001 (TÜV Austria) Opening of sale office in Koblenz 
2015Opening of sale office in Koblenz (= VK Koblenz)
Opening of specialized retail store in Stuttgart (= NL Stuttgart)
Opening of sale office in Mülheim Opening of specialized retail store in Nürtingen (= NL Nürtingen)
2017EN ISO 9001 Certification