eBusiness is one of the key terms when it comes to reducing process costs in purchasing. We also offer our customers various Internet-based procurement solutions. Together with you, we will find the right procurement path to optimize your processes.

Electronic catalogs: We are happy to provide you with our catalogs in electronic form in a BMECat format.  

Zweygart online portal: Targeted material procurement with over 250,000 articles in our online partner portal. With functions such as cost center and budget management, approval procedures and much more – just the right thing for your requirements. Of course you can always see your individual prices here. zw24.de.

This is a closed system, your Zweygart contact person records all data for registration in our partner portal together with you.

Online portals: Do you prefer a closed portal via a service provider or even your own order portal when purchasing materials? If you wish, we will be happy to link our catalogues accordingly and make procurement easier for you.

Online marketplaces (Mercateo, Simple System): Here too, our catalogues are available for you. If we know that you place your orders via an online marketplace, we will be happy to provide you with our products and prices.

Interface (e.g. OCI, PunchOut, RoundTrip): The direct link to your merchandise management! If required, we can help you set up the appropriate interface from our online portal to your merchandise management system in order to improve your procurement. 

The right procurement solution for every requirement.