If you lose or misplace your key, you can play it safe with a spare key and leave it with your family or neighbours. A spare key is an inexpensive alternative for not having to break open your lock immediately. Often the two keys provided are not sufficient for all family members or roommates. Imitating house or apartment keys can also help here.

In our Zweygart specialist stores we manufacture cylinder keys from high-quality brand blanks, e.g. from IKON, BKS, DOM, Abus, Burg or AssaAbloy (availability of brand blanks depends on the respective specialist store). With a key cutting machine, our specialist consultants can capture your house or apartment key directly on site in just a few minutes and make an exact copy of it. The original key(s) and copy(s) can then be taken back with you immediately.

Special keys such as keys for locking systems, drill troughs and reversible keys can be ordered on request. If necessary, contact your local specialist consultant. We are also happy to offer you the necessary accessories, such as key rings or key boxes.


  • For standard blanks per key from 4.95 € incl. VAT


  • Normally approx. 5 minutes
  • We manufacture your spare keys directly on site for you. Original key(s) and copy(s) can be taken away immediately afterwards.

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