Whatever you need, we support you. Make use of it, we look forward to hearing from you!


Benefit from the experience and knowledge of our system consultants and technicians. We are at your side. From the small locking system for an apartment building, to extensive access control systems, kindergarten escape door solutions, emergency exit and escape route technology, to complete security concepts and cost/benefit analyses in large-scale projects.

Simply send us pictures, e.g. of your object, the door, the cylinder or even your locking plans by e-mail without obligation. We would be happy to advise you on the implementation options – either by telephone or on your premises.


Doors have to meet a wide variety of requirements. Your own requirements and the applicable legal regulations on fire protection, sound insulation, burglary protection, escape and rescue route specifications often conflict with each other. Our employees, specially trained in this area, take into account the purpose of each individual door and reconcile different requirements.

This is rarely achieved with a single product or manufacturer. Zweygart will find suitable, intelligent combinations from different manufacturers for you and you will receive a powerful, tailor-made overall concept. Because with our professional composition of locks, handle sets, fittings, locking systems, means of identification and control devices, legal requirements can be fulfilled and defined requirements implemented in accordance with the latest state of the art.


Our technicians measure the values required for each product, precisely and reliably. Whether cylinder dimensions, lock dimensions, fitting variants, protective shields. All relevant parts are checked, measured and documented by us, interfaces to other trades are established. This way you can be sure that everything is correct during installation.


The devil hides in the details. To achieve the best possible overall package for your project, we work together with selected manufacturers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For special solutions, our employees review various catalogues, technical descriptions and data sheets, search for alternatives, make comparisons and talk shop with the technicians.

We look forward to being your partner and will be happy to take time for you!


Most companies have their own IT department, which plays installations and updates on the company computers. We therefore think it makes sense to involve your IT in the project as early as possible. Our technicians work with your IT staff, send them all the necessary information about the respective program, discuss which hardware and software the solutions you have chosen require and which points need to be observed with regard to data protection and data backup.


Electronic locking systems are usually delivered unprogrammed and configured in your company. We are trained in the systems of various manufacturers.

Creating doors, importing personal data, setting up devices and identification media in the software, defining access times – we are happy to do that for you if you wish. In this way you have a fully equipped, fully functional system right from the start. If electronic systems are still in their infancy, or if your digital locking system is not very dynamic, then it is worthwhile to have your new system managed by us. The software and thus your system are always up to date. Find out more under administration by Zweygart.

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Our team of service technicians assembles the delivered components professionally and on request. And you can count on our service even after successful installation. To ensure that your products function reliably for many years, we are happy to offer you a service agreement.

You can find more information on this topic under Maintenance.


Which cylinder is installed where? How are your distribution cabinets occupied? Behind which wall panel is the control unit hidden? You are welcome to receive revised floor plans and documentation that will facilitate the support of your safety technology for years and document it in an audit-proof manner.


If products are worn out over the years, additional doors have been added or new requirements are in sight – you are also welcome to use our service after the initial installation. We maintain all components, minimize wear with suitable manufacturer lubricants, document which products may need to be replaced and ensure that your software is up-to-date. This gives you the certainty that the value of your investment will be maintained for a long time and that the products will function reliably. Request our maintenance contract, here you can find all important details.

Now, pay attention: Some manufacturers extend the warranty periods – if the products are inspected and maintained by trained specialist personnel at regular intervals right from the start. We would be happy to advise you.


Do you need a locking plan, new keys or cylinders? Or you have lost a key and want to update the system?

We will help you!

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If we can connect to you via remote maintenance, many questions are quickly resolved. We use the following Team Viewer variant. Just download and off you go!    
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We come to you when you need us. Our technicians are at your side with words and deeds.
No matter whether it is the first consultation, the implementation or aftercare. You can rely on us!


In order to secure doors correctly, we offer you locks and locking devices according to the latest state of the art. We also offer special functions such as anti-panic locks, locks that lock automatically after each visit (self-locking locks) and motor locks.


If you would like electronic solutions, but have no staff available to manage them, then we offer to do this for you. Advantage: Low investment costs since the purchase of programming equipment or software is not necessary, administration by trained specialists, fast response times. Conversion to self-administration is of course possible at any time!


  • no investment costs
  • no software costs
  • no costs for programming accessories
  • no costs for employee training
  • Administration by trained specialists
  • all-round carefree package


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