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Who do I contact if I need a new locking system?

In our specialist stores, private customers receive competent advice for their locking systems, both for new locking systems and for reordering keys and cylinders. You can find the specialist store nearest you here >>

For larger locking systems and commercial customers, our security technology departments are at your disposal. Safety technology locations: Gärtringen, Ulm, Bonn, Olpe, Balingen, Senden. You can find your nearest location here >>

What types of locking systems are there?

There are 4 types of locking systems:

  • Central locking systemMainly used in residential buildings.Example: Front door: Central cylinder, because all residents must have access here. This means that the apartment key locks the front door, but the front door key DOES NOT lock the apartment door, and of course not the apartments themselves.
  • Central locking system with technical master keyMainly used in larger residential buildings with many parties and technical rooms.For example: front door, bicycle room, washroom: central cylinder, because all residents must have access here. This means that the apartment keys close these rooms, but the keys of these doors do NOT close the apartment doors. Furthermore, the janitor has a so-called technical master key that locks the front door, common rooms and technical rooms.
  • Master key systemContains the functions of the central locking system with or without a technical master key. There is an additional master key that locks all cylinders, but no further subdivisions such as groups are possible.
  • General master key systemA GHS locking system is used wherever a master key and a hierarchical arrangement of the locking system are required. This means a key that can lock all cylinders (GHS key), below which group keys are located that only close subareas (for example, a department or a building of a company). This is followed by the individual locks that can only close one cylinder.
    (e.g. an office).

Attention: Please note that retrofitting from the central locking system to the master key system or from the master key system to the master key system is not possible.

When does an electronic locking system make sense?

You can see which technologies are available on the market and which system suits you here >>

What does drilling and pulling protection mean for cylinders?

The cylinder outer core is secured against pulling out and the cylinder housing is secured by metal pins protruding from the side of the cylinder housing. Cylinder core and housing are additionally protected against drilling with carbide elements.


An wen wende ich mich wenn ich Schlüssel oder Zylinder nachbestellen möchte?
Unsere Abteilung Schlüssel- und Zylindernachbestellungen erreichen Sie unter:

Tel: 07034 122 623  ·  Fax: 07034 122583  ·

Is a copy of the security card sufficient for orders?

No, either an order slip form with the imprint of the card or the card itself is required.

Does Zweygart always have the current locking plan?

If you present us the security card, in many cases we can request the plan online from the manufacturer.

What data and documents does Zweygart need so that we can supply you with keys or cylinders?

We need the security card and the information about the desired lock, etc. Please fill in the following form and send it to us.

Cylinder and key orders  >>

What does the lock number mean?

That’s the number on your key/cylinder. This allows the manufacturer to know what functions your key/cylinder is equipped with. You will also find the locking number in the locking plan.

What does “with danger function” mean for profile double cylinders?

Cylinders with danger function remain lockable, even if a key is inserted on the opposite side. So if you accidentally leave the key inside and the door closes, you can unlock a cylinder with danger function with another authorised key from outside. Note: This function is not included as standard and must be ordered separately.

What does “with freewheel” mean for profile double cylinders?

The cylinder has a locking lug which is idle when the key is removed. This is mainly used with motor locks and anti-panic multipoint locks, if the lock manufacturer specifies it so that the locking lug does not block when the lock is opened.

What is the difference between multikeys and replacement keys?

Replacement keys are keys that are delivered retroactively to an existing locking system without cylinders. Multi-keys are supplied with the cylinder. This makes a significant difference in price for many manufacturers, multiple keys are often cheaper.

How long is the delivery time for keys?

On average, the manufacturers need approx. 5 – 10 working days.

How long is the delivery time for cylinders?

On average, the manufacturers need approx. 15 working days.

Do I have to pay the invoice in advance? What is the procedure?

You will first receive an order confirmation from us. In most cases we have the goods delivered directly from the manufacturer to you and then you will receive the invoice from us.

Can I return the key / cylinder?

No, keys and cylinders for locking systems are always custom-made and cannot be exchanged or returned.


What are the differences between electronic locking systems?

You can see which technologies are available on the market and which system suits you  here >>


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