Welding Technology

welding machines

MIG/MAG welding machines, WIG-DC and WIG-AC/DC welding machines, electrode welding machines, plasma cutting machines

welding torch

MIG/MAG welding torches, WIG welding torches, plasma torches

filler metals

Stainless steel-aluminium and steel-welding wire, WIG-welding rods, gas welding rods, stick electrodes, WIG-needles, soldering wires and accessories

welding equipment

Electro soldering irons, welding and grounding cables and accessories, welding mirrors, pliers, welding seam gauges, Sprays and pickling, welding seam cleaning equipment and accessories.

Oxy-fuel and propane technology

Welding and cutting equipment, soldering equipment, pressure reducers and accessories

suction technique

Welding smoke and cartridge filters, suction devices

industrial safety

Protective walls and curtains, automatic welding masks, shields, glasses, protective blankets, welding gloves and clothing

welding tables

Welding tables and accessories

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