Workshop Requirement

power supply

rechargeable batteries, batteries, power cubes, cable reels, cable ties, cable drums, lustre terminals, machine connection cable, phase inverter, plugs, connector strips, current limiters, power distributors, extension cables, distribution boxes


working lights, wall spotlights, energy saving lamps, halogen tubes, halogen spotlights, neon tubes, spotlights 

store & sort

l-boxxes, sortainer, systainer and accessories, transport boxes 


single ladder, trestle, folding scaffold, multi-purpose ladder, extension ladder, stepladder with steps, stepladder with rungs, BG-supported ladders and platforms, maintenance ladders and platforms, manhole accessories, customs modifications and solutions to suit your individual needs


pallet trucks, magazine trucks, plate trucks, tubular steel trucks, table trucks, pallet trolleys, folding transport cart, dump trucks, hand trucks, wheelbarrows, scissor lift wagons, lifting table trolley, stackers in many variations and trim levels

shelf systems

storage organization system “zwpro”, push-in, shelf, pallet, cantilever/, heavy duty racks, tyre racks, wide span racks, storey systems, dynamic storage systems, steel-construction and system platforms, customizable shelving for individual storage solutions


disposable towels, towel dispensers, cleaning racks, cleaning cloths, cleaners, collection containers, toilet paper

warning assistants

barrier tape and holder, warning flag, warning strip, traffic guidance cones, ground markings, barrier fencing, anti-slip markings

workshop safety

fire blanket, fire extinguisher, fire spray

cargo securing

cover nets, anti-slip mats, lifting straps, load securing nets, round slings, strapping straps, lashing straps, packing blankets and stretch foil


thread, rubber hose, pvc hose, suction hose, hose accessories


sweeper, dustpan, packing blanket, hall broom, push broom, water slide, water wiper, hand sweeper and dustpan, gripper tongs, equipment handles

cleaning equipment

high-pressure cleaners, sweepers, vacuum cleaners

outdoor installations

bicycle stands, multi-purpose roofs, bollards, hoops, ashtrays, litter bins, park benches, showcases, bicycle-stand systems, bicycle garages, speed bumps, guiding thresholds, road blocks, flagpoles, traffic mirrors, smoking shelters, material containers/boxes


gritting material wagons, gritting material containers, snow shovels 

office equipment

office swivel chairs, desks, cupboard systems, footrests, roller shutter cupboards, filing cabinet, partitions, flip-charts, magnetic walls, whiteboard, presentation boards, showcases, brochure racks, paper shredders, customer stoppers, wardrobe stands, valuables cabinets/lockers, desk lamps, clocks

environmental protection

drip trays, small binder racks, drum racks, drum pumps, safety cabinets, warehouse containers, tanks systems, storage and waste tanks, commercial dip tanks and small part cleaners, ultrasound cleaners, safety containers, oil-binding agents, environmental cabinets, gas-bottle containers, trashcans and bags

operating equipment

computer cabinets, material supports, hinged door cabinets, wardrobe cabinets, fan cabinets, wardrobe benches, floor coverings, industrial swivel chairs, workbenches, drawer cabinets, work despatch tables, assembly tables, workstation systems, CNC storage-technology, small-parts storage


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