Start now into a successful future – with an apprenticeship at Zweygart!
For generations, Zweygart has attached great importance to the training of young specialists. The varied training and professional prospects in the specialist trade group have made us an attractive and coveted training company in the Böblingen region.

In addition to the transfer of well-founded specialist knowledge in the respective training occupation, the further development of personal and social skills is of particular importance during training. We offer interested young people the opportunity to experience our apprenticed professions “live” in advance. The training management and trainees of our company are available for questions and answers. The “future trainees” thus have the opportunity to find out what everyday working life looks like in the desired profession, in order to set the course for their future careers at an early stage.

It’s time we had a chance to meet!


  • Long Tradition
    Benefit from over 140 years of experience.
  • Medium-sized company
    Here you are not one of many, but an important part of the company and contribute to our success.
  • Quick decisions
    Short decision paths make us flexible. Your ideas or results quickly reach the top and are perceived. In this way, desired changes can also be implemented quickly.
  • Versatile professional field
    The different work areas and departments at Zweygart guarantee you a varied education. During your training, you will go through all of these areas that are relevant to your training, so we can teach you everything important and you are guaranteed not to get bored.
  • Good working atmosphere
    With us everyone has an open ear for you. Friendly and open dealings, also with superiors, distinguishes us.
  • Test us
    You can experience the training occupation you are interested in “live” in advance. In this way you can find out what everyday life looks like in your desired profession and find out whether we are the right training company for you.
  • No making coffee
    As a trainee you are also a full-fledged team member with us. We value you and your skills and prepare you optimally for your professional life. Everyone is individually supported by us in order to get the best possible results.
  • Secure workplace
    We won’t leave you out in the rain after your training! With a takeover rate of 95 % we find with security also for you a job with us.
  • learning opportunities
    Even after your training, we will continue to support you in expanding your professional experience. You can find more information on further training opportunities here >>